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Re: [N8VEM-S100:1808] S-100 68K CPU board V3

Hi Andrew!!!

Yes I will be posting a lot of stuff in a couple of weeks (source code, pictures, etc).

Yes I have not forgotten the other project and am using this as a stepping stone for monitor and other code.  I have been thinking about it a lot and have come to the conclusion we may be better off with just a 68040 SBC then trying to marry the 68360 to one.  The  68360 introduces a lot of complexity that is not really necessary.  I think we are going to have to accept some type of small board with SMT memory on it to get to where we want to go.  I think we are seeing the same thing happen on the 80386 board as well.  I am looking at ways to make a small FPGA into a memory controller and still have room for some more functions in it like timers which we will need for linux or other unices.  

I am also going to look at the amount of work required to put uclinux on the s100 68K.  It will be a swapping version but a lot of code should be reusable going forward so it is not a wasted effort.

We should probably chat sometime on the direction we want to go on this project and come up with a plan.


PS I am glad we finally got here too - this is the architecture I like the most (not an Intel fan).

On Tuesday, August 13, 2013 9:05:29 AM UTC-5, lynchaj wrote:

Yay!  Woo Hoo!  Great news!  We have S-100 68K CPU running!


Once this project is working maybe we could take another look at the 68360 P1 and/or 68040 SBC?


This is really great news!  Please post pictures and notes on the wiki!  Let’s get the word out!

Thanks and have a nice day!  You’ve already made mine!  w00t!

Andrew Lynch


PS, this project has been in work for 2 years+ so I am very happy to see it working.


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Hi John


Thought I would give an update - found the problem with memory - it turns out pin 1 of U2 on the board had a cold solder joint - guess it finally gave out.  Reflowed the solder - the ground plane is a pretty big heat sink around pin 1 and can easily get a cold solder joint.  Any ways after repairing that and playing with jumpers and switch settings I have 1 Meg of memory working with the S100-68K-V3.   I also have the oscillator at 16MHz so the CPU is running at 8MHz and is a buss master.  I am using the short S100 mother board from the group so it may have better noise immunity than the 22 slot mother board like you are using.  I will do some more testing and want to boost the memory to at least 2 Meg for some experiments.   I will get started next on the new monitor and getting data to load from the IDE CF card.   Looks like I am on my way to getting CP/M 68K ported.   I have a little clean up to do in a couple of areas (upgrade to latest compiler code, etc).