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Prototype S100 Boards for 80386 CPU with 8 or 32MB Static RAM

Just an update for those following these new S100 boards Andrew (at N8VEM), others and I (at S100Computers.com) have been constructing.

I have just finished initial tests of three new prototype boards

An 80386 CPU master/slave CPU board.

an 8 MB Static RAM board

and a 32MB static RAM board.

The RAM boards are connected to the CPU board via an "32-Bit S-100 Overhead Bus"


The 80386 runs at 8 MHZ for the up to 16MG or RAM on the S100 bus. It switches (on the fly) to 32 MHz for the above RAM boards (no wait states).  For these two boards the CPU can run in "pipeline mode".  A 80386 monitor with real and protected mode functions/test is provided. The board runs standard MS-DOS (v4.01) with this monitor.

See here for more information:-








This is a rather complicated setup and definitely not for beginners. We will soon be putting together a batch order for a “production run of bare boards”.  Keep an eye out for the announcement. Regular users know these batches do not come around often.