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RE: [N8VEM-S100:562] S-100 68K CPU board status

Hi Guy's, While waiting for a few components to arrive for the S-100 VGA
prototype board (very slow here this time of the year, very frustrating), I
have been browsing the web looking for the easiest way in software to get
CPM68K running with our 68K board, ZFDC board etc.  Has anybody done this in
the classical way, i.e. write a BIOS is assembler link it in with DR's code,
place it on a 8" disk and get going from there.  Most of what I see is in C
code and/or requires a CPM68K OS already running to get going. 


John Monahan Ph.D

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Hi Mike!  We made some changes to the third prototype to add the TMI
circuitry and remove some of the redundant debugging hardware.  You'll
notice the board is using the DIP-64 version of the CPU so it is back to
closer to your MMU design.

The PCB is taking forever to clean up the trace routing although recently it
is showing signs of improvement.  Slowly though...

Please keep up with the MMU design because there is going to be an S-100 68K
CPU board eventually!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


PS. Sorry I've been slacking on the 68K work, guys, I've been just up to my
neck, it's getting closer to the front burner however.

Mike Sharkey