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Re: [N8VEM-S100:428] Re: Looking for source on HTIL311A Led Display (used in new dual IDE card)

Sorry about that. I don't generally cross-post but I think this might be a good time for an exception. The information that I posted to the other group is:

"Two quotes have come back on the TIL311 part. UTSource.net has these for $4.70 each, with postal shipping at $8. The better price for a large quantity might be from hitech-ic.com at $2.77 each but with a DHL shipping cost of $25.70. The contact email that I have for hitech is ja...@hitech-ic.com (Ms. Jamby Zhang). They might have other shipping options available but I didn't check. I didn't receive a quote from A-1 Parts, although their web site specifies $3.90. I had contacted them mainly to confirm that they actually have stock. They might be the quickest option if you need these in a hurry.

Since the costs do not seem to change regardless of quantity, I'm not planning to try a group order. If anyone would like further information, just let me know and I'll forward email addresses or other relevant information as needed.

Hope this helps a few people out. I'm planning to order a few of these for my own use but will probably be a couple more weeks. If anyone does run into problems getting these from one of the above sources, let me know and maybe I can combine a few extras onto my order."

Let me know if you need anything further. I'll be happy to provide any other information that I have (which isn't much).