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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1832] IMSAI 8080 CPU card replacement

Hi Andrew,

I intend to redo this board to add all the features the group has been discussing.
I have some scribbles for the new design but I want to test them out on a prototype board first.
There just hasn't been any time for me to build yet... the hot weather has me at the beach with the kids most days and is leaving me beat by the evening time.  I am guessing to be more productive in September when school starts. 

What program are you using to create the schematics?  Can I run the same and save you the time of re-entering it?


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> Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 16:36:56 -0400
> Hi
> The S-100 8080 CPU/FP interface board is still alive and well. John has the
> schematic and is going to make updates as soon as he is available. He is
> working on the S-100 to ISA converter board at the moment in hot pursuit of
> the long elusive S-100 VGA board design.
> If anyone else has modifications I can add now please let me know. Thanks
> and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch
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> > I'm interested in one.
> > Rob.
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