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Re: [N8VEM-S100:461] Re: S-100 8086 CPU board done, ready for manufacturing

Hi Andrew and all,

I'm the biggest electronic novice attempting this project and I'm willing to risk it. For me, it's another learning opportunity. If it works: Awesome. If it fails, maybe someone will eventually find a workaround. Look no further than the late 1970's boards with spaghetti engineering changes on both sides of the board. 

Yes, this can get a little expensive, but compared to airplanes or boats or even many cars -- this is cheap. I could tell you many horror stories about airplanes. Even when you think there is a sure thing, it turns out not to be -- then it can cost thousands or even lives.

This is a wonderful project. I hope it works -- but mostly I just thank you guys for all your hard work.

If it doesn't work, it'll be a very cool paperweight!

Thank you,
Robert Greenstreet

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>> Finally I have to stress that there is always  risk in a project like this
>> that some bug crops up in the final board, rendering the board inactive or
>> severely handicapped.  If anybody out there is not comfortable with a risk
>> like this -- please don't even think of order this board.  These bare boards
>> are for experienced hobbyists who can afford to risk a few $'s (and time)
>> on a long shot.
>> John
>Hi!  I would like to re-iterate John's sentiment on the S-100 board
>projects.  These have proven to be inherently more complex (S-100/
>IEEE-696) than other home brew projects due to board size,
>functionality, and part count.  As a result they involve a measure of
>risk.  On several occasions I have seriously considered renaming the
>"N8VEM home brew computing project" to "Caveat Emptor" to emphasize
>this is a *hobby* and there are no assurances or guarantees of any
>kind, what so ever. We are all builders and *everyone* shares in the
>Thanks and have a nice day!
>Andrew Lynch