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RE: [N8VEM-S100:286] 68K CPU progress today...

Hi Bill!  Thanks!  Mike's S-100 68K CPU board is the first iteration of the
design.  There is a second generation board on its way soon.  My plan is to
order prototype PCBs next weekend.  Pontus and Mike are on the top of the
list for build and test.  I think the design is near final so this is mostly
to verify everything is set properly before going with "production" boards.

Normally I get the prototype boards from www.33each.com for 5 boards which
costs $150.  If I keep one as a hedge, after Pontus and Mike get theirs
there will be two unallocated boards for the rest of the community.  If you
or anyone else would like to volunteer please let me know.  However, signing
up for build and test of prototype boards is *not* for everyone since the
boards almost certainly contain logical defects which will require
debugging.  This can get ugly and difficult to find and correct the
problems.  Ask John Monahan as we've hashed through many designs and
squashed many bugs.

Prototype boards are special since there are so few and require advanced
skill sets to build and test.  They also require a higher commitment to
build test the board since those results are vital to correcting the design
for the "production" boards for the rest of the community.  If you or anyone
else would like to volunteer please let me know.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> I'm amazed.  Where do you get your PCBs made?
> What did it cost to get the board made you show in the pics?
> How many pieces?
> I'm still using ExpressPCB and it takes me weeks! to route a board
> by hand and get it like I want it.
> I've yet to spring for the solder mask or silk screen.
> I really need to crack the Kicad nut.
> Bill
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> > Just about ready to start populating 68k cpu board, just waiting on a
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