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Re: accepting pre-orders for S-100 80286 CPU board PCBs

Ill take one Andrew, will send payment to your Paypal.. thanks!! :-)

On Friday, 20 September 2013 08:45:26 UTC+12, lynchaj wrote:
Hi!  We still need 5 to 6 more pre-orders to have enough to make the PCB
manufacturing order.  If you are considering getting one or more of these
rare S-100 80286 CPU boards please consider making a pre-order.  These don't
come around very often!

The S-100 80286 CPU board is ready for "production".  If you would like to
get one or more of these exciting new S-100 80286 CPU boards please do the
new usual pre-order.  I will set aside your board so you get them as soon as
they arrive.

Here is a web page to describe the S-100 80286 CPU board


The PCBs will be $20 each as per the usual arrangement.  Shipping in the US
is $3 for a single PCB and $2 for each additional PCB.  Shipping
internationally is $10 for a single PCB and $3 for each additional PCB.
This is for the bare basics USPS first class postage with no tracking or
insurance.  The builder assumes all risk of delivery as per usual

Please send a PayPal to LYN...@YAHOO.COM and I will reserve your board(s).

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch