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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2609] S-100 Connectors

I made a quantity order of connectors and have some available.  They're
soldertail and not wire wrap though.

I don't have the info with me on price at the moment, but I posted here
about them so you should be able to find it in the archives.  Or I can
find it when I get home.


* Brian Marstella <br...@marstella.net> [140302 23:18]:
> Good evening, all,
> Does anyone have a couple of S-100 wire wrap (or other type) connectors 
> that they'd like to sell? Mouser is showing a 7 week lead time to restock 
> and Jameco has discontinued one that I used a couple of times. I've got a 
> motherboard with 21 slots but hate to remove one if I can find one for 
> sale. I have a couple of extender boards in need of connectors so I can get 
> my system fixed.
> Thanks!
> Brian
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