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Re: S-100 PC-AT Ver 02 (DOS Support board) Initial Run

I'm awaiting payment for these boards:
  Robert Greenstreet       1
  Josh Bensadon       2
  Doug Wood       2
  Andrew Kwan       2
  Hal Prewitt       1
  Joe Herdler       2
  kenro       1
  Leon Byles       1
  Rob Doyle       1
  Steven Feinsmith       2
  Tom Lafleur       1

  My Paypal ID is "nbreeden  AT  me.com"  $20 per board plus $5 for shipping any quantity.
  Please be sure to mark the payment 'Friends and Family' so I don't get git with the extra Paypal charges.

These boards have been paid for and will ship early next week:
  Fabio Battaglia
  Frank Schieschke
  Ian Douglas
  Matt Turner
  Rick Bromagen
  Peter Plank

These have been paid for however I still need shipping addresses for:
  David Fry
  Leon Byles

These boards were mailed yesterday:
  Rich Cini
  Andrew Bingham
  Brian Marstella
  Curt mayer
  Don Caprio
  Edward Snider
  Gary Kaufman
  Jeff Galinat
  John Monahan
  Paul Birkel
  Todd Goodman
  Vince Mulhollon