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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4095] Re: CF IDE card checkout and final assembly problem

Hi John

Have your tried changing drives with the 68K board? - I think I see the same problem - have not put the logic analyzer on it yet.  We may need to update the IDE board in the future because it is so close to the leading  edge - the inversion of the clock signal gives plenty of margin.  BTW, I almost have the IDE working with the 68K board and will be getting CP/M 68K running shortly after that.


On Monday, June 9, 2014 6:31:29 PM UTC-5, monahanz wrote:

Thomas, this kind of thing was one of the reasons why the S100 bus IEEE-696 standard was setup.  A number of the early Z80 boards (like the Cromemco and TDL Z80 boards) did not shoehorn some of the signals well to work with other boards.   The IEEE spec specifies that the main Read/Write strobes rise and fall (or fall & rise) completely within the window in which the address lines are stable.  If you look at our Z80 board page you will see that the pDBIN and pWR* strobes meet this criteria. See here:-



Scroll down to “status signal decoding”.  It looks like you can get away with it at 2MHz but I’m afraid at higher speeds it will catch up with you.  I run the above Z80 board at 10MHz  (+2 I/O wait states).    


The easiest way to take care of the above problem is to latch the address lines on the CPU board, the early boards did not and delay the R/W strobes with a few gates.   That’s what is done on our Z80 board.  This apparently minor point, caused me no end of problems getting the 80386 to work on the bus.  It took two prototype versions to have a pWR* strobe meet the above criteria and work reliably with new and old S100 RAM boards.  







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Dave (yoda),
I like your suggestion and in fact, it works perfectly as well.  By using that inverted clock falling edge (inverted) into the flip flop you are clocking signals well after they are established.

I will take some screen shots in the morning and post.

Thanks again to all,

On Sunday, June 8, 2014 7:58:45 PM UTC-4, Thomas Owen wrote:

I had posted this to the thread dealing with ordering this card, but decided to post a new topic dealing with the problem I have had with final checkout of the board.

During assembly the board passed all the 'in progress' checks.  The final steps were to output to different ports:

I have output the following and everything passes:

QO33,80 ; Configures ports A, B and C as output ports
QO32,2B ; Selects right hand pair of digits
QO30,01; display 01on right digit pair and work through each bit - all ok

QO32,2c; Selects middle pair of digits
QO30,01; Should display 01 on middle digit pair, work through each bit - all ok

QO32,2d; Selects left hand pair of digits
QO31,01; Should display 01 on left digit pair, work through each bit - all ok

All displays are correct.

Now the final step is the Drive Select and that is where I am having trouble:

Board always comes up with 'Drive A' selected

Now,  QO34,0; no change

Reset, start again:

QO34,1; no change

I can never select drive B.  

Several generous members (thank you David Fry) have made suggestions, and here is where I now stand:

My preliminary check this afternoon shows me that there is a timing issue at U15, the 74ls02.  Using my logic analyzer and monitoring the inputs and the output (which clocks the drive select flip flop) I see a big timing difference between SEL_SECOND and WR.

What this means is that the output of the gate never goes high allowing the bit change to effect drive change/selection.

I am going to get some screen shots from the analyzer tomorrow, and if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


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