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Re:Re: [N8VEM-S100:1375] S-100 Bus Terminator

Andrew, I think the idea for a S-100 terminator board is a good one but as you mentioned it would only appeal to owners of legacy S-100 back-planes. To make the terminator board more useful to a wider range of users perhaps we could look at adding to the design...

1) Row of (4) 26 pin headers identical to the P2,P3,P4 and P5 on the N8VEM back-plane board such that legacy systems could be expanded by adding the terminator card and the N8VEM back-plane board with four very short ribbon cable jumpers. Not sure about noise introduced but it would be very inexpensive to try.

2) Many N8VEM/S100 boards require programming EEPROMS so the board space could be used for a 28C64 or 28C256 EEPROM programmer

3) Legacy systems also use EPROMs but modern programmers do not handle the NMOS EPROMS at all. The Wellon programmer will not program them and the Willem programmer may work but which version (there are many). With that being said, another idea would be to use the space on the terminator board for an EPROM programmer for 2716, 2732 and 2764 EPROMS similar to the SSM PB-1 board.

Just some ideas to kick around and I would be interested in a terminator board of any design.

>>> Charles