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RomWBW on S-100 Project status...


There is a project underway to port Wayne's RomWBW CP/M implementation to the S-100 using John Monahan's S-100 boards. I am leading the software effort and Tom Lafleur is leading the hardware effort. Leonard Young is on-board as another knowledgeable set of eyes and brain pan to help the project stay on track. This port of RomWBW has Wayne's

The reason I am contacting you is to let you know that there will be an operating system available in the near future that has the same look and feel as the RomWBW you are used
to on N8VEM platforms such as Zeta, SBC-v2, and N8.

I would like builders that are using or intending to use S-100 with John's boards to let me know who they are so I can gather information about their configurations and desired
support from the new version.

My intention is to begin with CP/M-80 v2.2, and then move on to CP/M-80 Plus, and perhaps
MP/M-80 in time. I am open to other thoughts about this.

The more information I have about the builder's needs and wishes, the closer I can come to fulfilling them. I only know about half a dozen people using S-100 right now, and I know there must be many more, and I believe my sample size isn't large enough to represent the
views of the N8VEM/S100COMPUTERS.COM Community.

You may respond on-list or off-list.


Douglas Goodall