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Another route to write a CPM3 image to a CF card for the S100 IDE board

At least a temporary solution:

I placed an image of the compact flash that John kindly provided on my website at:


Inside the .zip is a single file CPM3_0.vhd

This can be written to a 4gb Compact Flash using winimage from http://www.winimage.com/

It is originally from a Kingston 4gb card, but I was also able to write it to two other 4gb cards successfully.

The 4gb Kingston cards that worked properly here (and for John) have a white flower on the front, see ebay 291133013316 (newegg) or 371050627513 (adorama) about $9 each

Winimage runs under windows7 but needs to run as administrator. My usb--> compact flash is F:

under Disk, choose "use disk F:"
then Disk, "Restore Virtual Hard Drive image on physical drive"

From John's notes to me:

"I have CPM3 (banked 128K) on each of the other two CF cards, in user group 0. In user group 1 are CPM86 files in case you need them later. Note there are a number of SYS files in user group 0 for CPM3 & CPM86. They will not be visible with DIR or DD. I assume my know how to handle SYS files. "

I hope this provides a way for a few of you to get up and running easily.

It's wonderful to see that A> prompt!

- Gary