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Re: S-100 waiting list location

Thanks Rich!  You are down for one S-100 Z80 CPU board as soon as they
are available!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

On Jul 31, 11:54 am, rcam...@aol.com wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Put me down for a Z80 - CPU PCB.
> Thanks,
> Rich
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> From: lynchaj <lyn...@yahoo.com>
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> Sent: Sun, Jul 31, 2011 8:37 am
> Subject: [N8VEM-S100:377] Re: S-100 waiting list location
> Hi!  If anyone has updates/corrections to the S-100 waiting list
> lease send them to me or post here.  I will update with new
> nformation as it becomes available.
> For planning purposes, I would like to do another round of S-100
> ackplane and S-100 Z80 CPU board PCBs to help get some of the new
> uilders "up and running" with new systems.  If you would like either
> -100 backplane or S-100 Z80 CPU board PCBs or both please let me
> now.  I'll need about 20 of each in the queue to make an order
> conomical and we are about half way there at the moment.
> I see the list for S-100 buffered prototyping boards is now past 20.
> ould the builders prefer we go with another batch of those first?
> There are still plenty of the S-100 Serial IO and S-100 EPROM board
> CBs left in case any one needs some of those.   No other boards left,
>  am afraid so it is getting time to do some reorders.
> The S-100 8086 CPU board is probably getting close to an initial
> rder.  This is based on the feedback for the three prototype boards.
>  think this version is pretty solid and just needs a bit more time in
> he trace route optimizer to clean up a bit more.
> John and I are working on an S-100 80286 CPU board as well.  It is
> imilar to the S-100 8086 CPU board but has been an awful beast to
> roperly trace route the board.  It is finally cleaning up a bit and
> ill probably go with an initial build and test before too long.
> Please let me know what you'd like to do.  Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch
> On Jul 31, 11:27 am, lynchaj <lyn...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Hi Kipp! Thanks!  You are down for one S-100 6502 CPU board as soon as
>  they become available.
>  Thanks and have a nice day!
>  Andrew Lynch
>  On Jul 30, 12:00 pm, Kipp Yeakel <kdye...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  > Andrew,
>  >     Please add a 6502 to the waiting list for me.
>  > Thanks,
>  > Kipp Yeakel
>  > Sent from my iPad
>  > On Jul 30, 2011, at 10:45 AM, lynchaj <lyn...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  > > Hi!  I've gotten some requests for the S-100 waiting list so I posted
>  > > a recent copy here
>  > >http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/w/file/43836595/N8VEM%20Waiting%20List.pdf
>  > > If anyone objects to it being posted publicly, please let me know and
>  > > I will remove it.
>  > > Thanks and have a nice day!
>  > > Andrew Lynch