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Unique historical S-100 68000 CPU board items for sale

Hi!  Professor Wilcox is selling his historical S-100 68000 CPU board and
associated material.  Please contact him if interested.  This is a unique
set of boards and material.  If I had the funds I would purchase these
myself but cannot so hopefully someone in the classic/vintage/homebrew
computer community would like these unique historical artifacts.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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From: Alan D. Wilcox [mailto:al...@wilcoxengineering.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 7:28 PM
To: Andrew Lynch
Subject: Re: Andrew - trying to reach you - ADVTG

Hi Andrew,

You're a lot more familiar than I am as to what might appeal. Perhaps if 
you could please place a couple postings that might read something like 
the following, I might find a happy home for it all.

"Unique 68000 S-100 CPU board and assorted other boards and engineering 
notes for sale. The board is the design feature of my 68000 book 
published in 1987. Photos and details at 
http://wilcoxengineering.com/68000-microprocessor - I can provide more 
specifics for serious inquiries only. Will not split; this special 
historical collection stays together. Contact me through the site. Alan 
Wilcox, W3DVX."

Send me links of where I can see whatever you put up. Hopefully we'll 
have some serious folks calling.

Many thanks!
Alan :)

Alan D. Wilcox, W3DVX
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