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Re: Considering a run of Bus Terminator Boards

On Monday, April 28, 2014 8:57:18 PM UTC-5, nbreeden wrote:
I need a couple Bus Terminator boards; is there any interest with others for these boards?

I would like exactly one.

Are you thinking of just printing as is, or make some little tiny changes?  Theres some blank space on that board and it would become a semi-permanent part of my small unterminated experimental MB.

1) power indicators would be very nice.  If my +8 is shorted on a board I'm testing making the switcher turn off, I'd like to know.

2) Also a reset switch, why not?

3) If you don't want to go all variable voltage, and want stable 2.7V, an easy way is a COTS TO-220 LDO 3.3 volt reg, a single series plain ole silicon rectifier (1n4001 or similar) and a series resistor to ground to pull a minimum 10 mA or so stably thru the diode, so 270 ohms or so.  Could replace a large number of discrete parts with just three components, I think and get better voltage stability?  Back in ye olden days they didn't have LDOs, but we do now.  Would be interested to hear if anyone has done this or similar.

4) No need to make it a complete front panel, but optional blinkenlights might help with troubleshooting scenarios.

I can wire a lot of this myself in the dev parts of the board, just thinking out loud here.