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New to group, getting started questions...

I'm new to the group, but have used S-100 systems a great deal in the somewhat distant past.

I'm excited to get going, and was trying to figure out what a minimal CP/M 2.2 configuration would entail.

I have an IMSAI case, along with various 5/8" disk drives already.

Looks like I'd need:

S-100 Z80 Master CPU  Board
ZFDC Controller  Board or S-100 IDE Board
S-100 Serial-IO  Board
S-100 Bus EPROM/RAM Board or 4 MB S-100 Static RAM  Board

I'd certainly consider sponsoring a run of boards, and might consider "over-ordering" so that there was a small stockpile available to help get other new folks started.

Suggestions, guidance appreciated.

- Gary