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Re: 6502 S-100 Board Write-up on S100Computers.com

Hi John!  Thanks!  Sorry, I should not have posted the URL since the
web page is still in draft.  I apologize!

Also, the page should reflect the history of the S-100 6502 CPU board
V1 since it is based Rich Leary's home brew design.

Rich wrote a document on DOS/65 (a CP/M like operating system for
6502) which explains the concept of operations on the S-100 6502 CPU


Unfortunately, with everything that's happened I've forgotten to
mention that recently.

I apologize to Rich for not mentioning this earlier.  Thanks and have
a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

PS, the good news is the updates to the S-100 6502 CPU board are
coming along nicely and the PCB trace routing well!

On Jan 30, 12:34 am, "John Monahan" <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:
> I am almost complete writing up a web page about the board (see draft here):-
> http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/6502%20Board/6502%20CPU%...
> I will announce here when done.