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S-100 Vido board with 6845

Guys I’m thinking of doing an S-100 video board the is hardware compatible with the original  IBM-PC video board Mono and/or color.   As we start going into 8086,80286, 80386SX  and MSDOS etc. it would be useful to have something that is hardware compatable to get up and going. Obviously other video cards later.


The only two cards I have the Lomas “Color Magic” and CompuPro “”PC-Videos”  have a number of unknown PAL’s and have other PC circuity we don’t need.  Looking at the complicated schematics it’s hard to understand what is going on.


My question is;  what is the simplest circuit schematic you have seen the just has the 6845 reading dual ported RAM with a character generator and VGA output.  I would rather not spend a lot or time reinventing the wheel here.