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Re: Serial Board V03

Yes Joe, all correct. There is a bug in the schematic drawing software that over-writes the resistor number and its value.
Enlarging the diagram helps.

On Friday, April 11, 2014 8:18:54 PM UTC-7, Joe Herdler wrote:
Hi All,

As I have mentioned previously, I am building both the Xi-8088 system developed by Sergey, and an S-100 system from the boards developed on this site. I have fully populated the S-100 Serial board except for the resistors, which when I looked on John's website at the schematic, the values were somewhat blurred. I think that the values are as follows:

R 24 - 470 Ohm
R 31 - 10K Ohm
R 32 - 470 Ohm
R 33 - 470 Ohm
R 34 - 470 Ohm

Am I correct on this or do I need to get my eyeglass strength increased? :-)

Thank everyone for all of the help that has been freely given to me!


Joe Herdler