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RASM Assembler

Hello all


I’m trying to learn how to build custom boot EEPROM’s for the EBC (and soon for the S100!).

I see the rasm assembler being used by Andrew (e.g. AJL-BUILD-ROM-000.ZIP) in the .bat file to assemble the source code. I’m having a time locating a useable (free) copy of the assembler.

I did see the code on the wiki as rasm_5_0A.7z, but I don’t know how to unzip it on my laptop.

Can someone help shed light on this, please?



Leonard Young KS4RN


Here’s the code from the wiki file:

rasm -b bdosb01

rasm -b biosb09

rasm -b BIOSFDC4

rasm -b ccpb03

rasm -b fmtb02

rasm -b loadb03

rasm -b loadb05

rasm -b monb03


rem BILL-ROM loadb03 monb03 ccpb03 bdosb01 biosb09


rem DAN-ROM loadb03 monb03 ccpb03 bdosb01 biosFDC4


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