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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3194] Re: GAL's and PALASM

It's been so long ago since I did that MSDOS path stuff!
Here is how I actually have my PALASM4 setup
It's on drive F:    
The actual PALASM.EXE file is in the directory
 That directory has sub directories
\S100  <- my GAL .PDS files

These directories were setup that way during the install (except the S100 one).

The only PATH & SET scripts I have are:-


Does seem screwed up Rob, now that I see it.
What do you have?


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On 4/22/2014 2:52 PM, monahanz wrote:

> However if I set “Y” for “Minimize Boolean” in the Compilation 
> Options,  the compile does not give an error but no .JED file is 
> written.


> Bob, I'm just learning how to use PALASM4.  What I'm trying to figure 
> out is how to emulate in software the circuit attached here:-

Funny.   I was going to follow up on this.

But first I wanted to play with some of my 'known good' Heath H89 PAL designs.  To my surprise, PALASM4 didn't generate a .JED file...

Once I set the DOS PATH statement correctly, everything worked.

The executable sequence should be:


With the path is not set correctly, PALXPT does not execute and the JED file is not created.

Can you verify?

I'll follow-up on the memory decoder question soon.


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