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Re: CF card images

Oops. That was supposed to say 's100computers.com', It seems I lost
the 's100' part in the original post. Sorry about that.

On Jul 13, 8:00 pm, Nama <forum...@mac.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to this forum and to the world of S100 and CP/M. However I
> have just acquired a SOL-20 with the idea that I want to learn more.
> As my SOL-20 did not come with and disk drives so I have just ordered
> one of the John and Andrew's dual IDE boards with the thought of
> building it up and running CP/M from a CF card. I have confidence that
> I can build the hardware, but getting CP/M onto a CF card looks to be
> very challenging, more so considering I presently have zero knowledge
> of CP/M or S100 machines!!!!
> There is a thread on computers.com's forum under the software section
> where someone is asking if it would be possible to back up a CF card
> containing a generic CPM3 install using some backup software such as
> Dave Dunfields ImageDisk. That backup file could then be placed on the
> internet so that others (and myself) could download it reinstall it on
> on of their CF cards. This could be an easy way to bootstap a system
> if people don't have access to a running CP/M system already.
> I was wondering if someone here would be willing to do this for the
> community. John says he can then post the file, but if not, I can put
> it on my server for all to download.
> Much thanks in advance
> Phil