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Re: S-100 PC-AT Ver 02 (DOS Support board) Initial Run

Hi Neil,
I have sent US $40 pre-payment for the 2 x S100 PC/AT MSDOS Support Boards I ordered, as requested,
Let me know how much shipping will be to the UK when the boards arrive.
My shipping address is:-
Mr D Fry
25 Bryants Hill,
St. George,
United Kingdom
David Fry

On Friday, May 9, 2014 7:48:11 PM UTC+1, nbreeden wrote:
The 5 S-100 PC-AT Ver 02 (DOS Support board) boards from the initial run are here; A few people expressed interest in doing a quick build of these before we kick off the full group buy.

Please email me offline  "nbreeden (AT)  me.com" so I can get these sent out ASAP. 


AltairManRich 1
Andrew Bingham 1
bob 1
Brian Marstella 1
Crustyomo 2
Curt mayer 2
David Fry 2
Don Caprio 2
Doug Wood 2
Edward Snider 2
Fabio Battaglia 3
Frank Schieschke 1
GalacticActual 2
Gary Kaufman 1
Hal Prewitt 1
Ian Douglas 3
JackRubin 3
Jeff G 1
Joe Herdler 2
kenro 1
Leon Byles 1
Matt 2
monahanz 4
Neil Breeden 2
nekonoko 1
pbirkel 1
Rick Bromagen 1
Rob Doyle 1
Steven Feinsmith 2
Todd Goodman 3
Tom Lafleur 1
Vince Mulhollon 2