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Re: Production version of our 80386 Master/Slave S100 board working fine

Hi Jhon,
good news, have a good holiday
David Fry
On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 3:04:39 AM UTC+1, monahanz wrote:
For those on the waiting list for our new 80386 Master/Slave S100 board I have good news, It works without a hitch!
I have written up the build instructions here:-


This is the result of some 6 prototype boards Andrew and I did, now over almost 2 years. Thanks Andrew.  It's a great joy to see MSDOS sign on. 
The bad news is I'm off on vacation next week for two weeks and will not be able to get to building the two daughter RAM boards until I return.  If you remember I wanted to check out all 3 boards before people order a (second) batch of the boards.  I don't anticipate any problems with the RAM boards, they are relatively straightforward, but you never know.

Anyway hang in there.