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Re: Looking for help testing an IDE board

Bob, I thought you were using the S100Computers/N8VEM board. If so I will check it out on my system for you send it on.  Send me a direct e-mail for address.
However be aware I travel quiet a bit (days), Will be gone next week until April 9th!


On Tuesday, March 19, 2013 5:35:52 PM UTC-7, Bob wrote:
I've been slowly debugging my system for weeks now and am thinking that my hardware is the problem.  I've got one of the early single-port IDE boards and multiple CF cards, including some that others have said they've used.  Overall things work, but little problems here and there make me unsure whether this is still a BIOS problem or something peculiar to my board and/or CF cards.

Would someone be willing to have me mail my board and CF card, put it in a known working system, and see if it behaves as expected?  I'm not looking for someone to debug for me; if the board fails, then any bit of explanation would be appreciated, but just knowing if it's the board or not would be a huge help.  Once done testing, I'll pay for return postage.

No rush, so if you can help me out but it'll take a few weeks to get around to it, that's fine.  I've spent more than a few weeks debugging this and a few more won't matter at all.