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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2348] Decoupling caps

Hi Neil,
Not all capacitors are built equal.  The X7R or NPO rated capacitors are the best.  Think of them has having less interal leakage.
With that said, I bought a reel of cheap capacitors, and they (up to now) have been working fine.  I do the 1 capacitor per chip thing... it's over kill but I prefer to play it safe.  I think these capacitors will do the job well enough.  Go with either, mix them up even.  But it's always good to keep it at the back of your mind if the board starts acting irrationally.
When I'm trouble shooting, a lot of times, I start tacking on capacitors to the rails as a test.  It can't hurt, but almost all the time it has no effect, meaning the flakey troubles are within the signal lines of a chip.  This also means that existing decoupling capacitors are still working fine.
Here's a fun experiment we might conduct as a group... build a board with 0 decouping capacitors installed and see how few need to be added to get it running?


Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2014 09:49:29 -0800
From: nbre...@me.com
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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:2348] Decoupling caps

I'm curious as to others opinions about decoupling caps. These are typically 0.1uF disc caps which is what is specified for all of the various boards in the N8VEM family.

In a grab bag I recently bought I found a large number of 0.01uF and 0.2uF disk caps (over 1000 of each). What are your thoughts on using these?


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