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S-100 backplane request for help

Hi!  I’ve gotten a request for some help with the S-100 backplane PCB.  Since it will probably require a PCB respin to fix I would like to gather up all the feedback and incorporate them as best I can.  Thanks to Don Caprio there are some excellent builder instructions here:




Please post photos of your completed working S-100 backplane systems on the wiki in the S-100 backplane folder. Actual builder photos are *very* helpful for new builders.




There is a new file for S-100 backplane fixes and improvements here:




Please edit with any issues you’ve encountered on how to fix and/or improve the S-100 backplane.


The photos that are in the folder at the moment are getting rather dated so they should be retired to the archive as to not confuse any new builders.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch