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Re: Interest, Discussion and R&D on a 18 Slot S100 Backplane & ATX PSU board.

ok so looks like were prity much there, ill place order this eve! thanks for prompt payments guys! looking forward to seeing this project jump into life!

Matthew Turner: 2x Backplanes (US/CAD) - PAID
Todd Goodman: 3x Backplanes (US) - PAID
Vince Mulhollon: 2x Backplanes (US) - PAID
Fabio Battaglia: 1x Backplanes (Italy) - PAID
David Fry: 1x Backplane (UK) - PAID
Pete Plank: 1x Backplane (US) - PAID
Doug Wood: 1x Backplane (CAD) - PAID (+$10 credit)
Joe Herdler: 1x Backplane (US) - PAID
Andrew Bingham: 1x Backplane
Edward Sinder: 1x Backplane - PAID
Brian Marstella: 1x Backplane - PAID
Ian Douglas: 3x Backplane (AUS) - PAID
Alex Jacocks 1x Backplane (US)
Neil Breeden: 2x Backplanes (US) - PAID (+ overpaid, $5 credit)
Richard Bromagem: 1x Backplane (US) - PAID
Antony Burrows(myself): 3x Backplane (NZ)

Total: 25