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Re: S-100 6502 CPU poll


Yes, the IO and ROM space is selectable.  However the ROM monitor code
is designed to have the IO at $F800-$F8FF and the ROM at $F900-$FFFF

Of course you can adjust it with your own code or modify the source as
you see fit.

The documentation, schematic, PCB layout, and ROM monitor code, etc
are on the N8VEM wiki here


Neil was able to get the Apple I software to run on the S-100 6502 CPU
board and it worked well.

There is a large prototyping area too so if you want to include your
own TMI circuitry that's possible and/or your own IO devices.

Once you get it working though please send the schematic back to me so
I can roll those changes into the S-100 6502 CPU V2 board.

I am trying to gauge whether to do a run of PCBs with this version or
wait until all the features are included.  The wait for V2 will likely
be months though.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

On Nov 24, 4:55 pm, "j....@cimmeri.com" <j....@cimmeri.com> wrote:
> Can that address space start address be made selectable?
> lynchaj wrote:
> > Hi
> > More information on the S-100 6502 CPU board
> > The S-100 6502 as a specific range ($F800-$F8FF) of memory mapped to
> > the S-100 IO space.  You can use standard S-100 IO boards like normal
> > which you access by sending the 6502 to a specific range in memory.
> > It works amazingly well and you can use the regular S-100 peripheral
> > boards like Serial IO, etc.
> >http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewFolder¶m=S-100%20...
> >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgFUeJdO7-E
> > Thanks and have a nice day!
> > Andrew Lynch