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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3116] Re: GAL's and PALASM

I too have a TOP3000 programmer. A total waste of money!




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I've started down the road to learn more about GALs, FPGAs etc. John's post has pushed me ahead on the project. I use a GQ-4X programmer for all my EPROM and FLASH needs; there isn't any GAL support however.


I ordered a Wellon VP-390 from a company here in the US, I should have it Monday. According to what I've read the VP-390 supports the same devices as the VP-290 John mentioned plus something like 11000 more (it supports > than 19400 devices). I'll post an update on it once I have some time with it.


Sometime ago I bought a 'TOP3000' programmer as it was supposed to support GALs. I never got this programmer to work, I downloaded the latest software only to discover the firmware in it is too old to support the latest software. I did more research on it; I didn't find a single positive review for the TOPWIN line of programmers.



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