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RE: N8VEM projects

Hi!  I think its time to update the N8VEM projects list.  Any updates or corrections?  Are we missing any projects?


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch



ECB Active Terminator

      - status: not started.  Has anyone built one of the ECB extended backplanes?  Do they work?  Do we even need an active terminator for the new backplane?



      - status: not started.  It has been a while for this one.  John is working on an S-100 ZFDC board which uses the WD2793 so it probably makes sense to let this one wait until the S-100 ZFDC is done



      - status: not started.  Max, we were working on this at one point, I seem to recall.  Any progress?


ISA Prototyping Board

      - status: not started.  This project is low priority and waiting for some of these others to clear out first.




ECB Host Processor Redesign

      - status: PCB completed, awaiting manufactured PCB order


ECB RAM-Floppy

      - status: in work.  Wolfgang requested to hold the ordering the prototypes until after December so he can do some updates.  On hold pending resolution.


ECB uPD7220 GDC second prototype

      - status: second prototype PCBs ordered.  Should arrive late Dec 2010.


Home Computer

      - status: initial prototype PCB designed and trace route optimization underway.  No estimate for completion yet.


S-100 Console IO

      - status: first prototype board ordered and sent to builder team.  Build and test underway with expected rework in progress.  Second prototype PCB looks likely given scope of changes.


S-100 ZFDC Intelligent Floppy Controller

      - status: second prototype board ordered and en route to John.  Fixed the numerous problems with first prototype.  Looks solid and probably a manufactured PCB will be ordered in couple weeks or so.


S-100 68K CPU

      - status: first prototype board ordered and distributed to builder team.  Initial build and test under way.  See Douglas Goodall wiki for update on status.



      - status: Nothing on PCB, prototype is in construction.  No progress recently.



      - status: concept board designed.  Ready for prototype but likely OBE.  Probably headed for permanent stasis.


MSX cartridge reader:

      - status: initial prototype board status ordered.  Should arrive in late Dec 2010.


MSX cartridge board:

      - status: designing board in work.


SBC-188 rev 1

      - status: Rev 1 PCBs on order.  Expect delivery in late Dec 2010



      - status: Initial PCBs on order.  Expect delivery in late Dec 2010




Under Consideration

S-100 Propeller prototyping board

S-100 Bus Exerciser

S-100 SCSI Interface








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> Hi!  I've updated the current N8VEM home brew computing project list.  In

> not particular order, here are the current planned and active projects.

> Planned means "thinking about it" while Active means some action has taken

> place.


> Please review and comment.  Thanks and have a nice day!


> Andrew Lynch




> Planned

> ECB Active Terminator

> ECB WD2793 FDC


> ECB Host Processor Redesign

> ISA Prototyping Board


> Active

> ECB RAM-Floppy

> ECB uPD7220 GDC second prototype

> Home Computer

> S-100 Console IO

> S-100 ZFDC Intelligent Floppy Controller

> S-100 68K CPU