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CP/M 3 Boot from a Compact Flash - problems and need help.

Now that I have my IDE card passing all the preliminary tests, I am trying to install CP/M on the Compact Flash drive and get the system to boot.



Compupro ZPU at 2 mhz.

IDE CF Card, version 2.0a

IMSAI SIO for console

Ram 17 with Eprom installed at ‘E000’

8 gb Kingston CF


Have read, and re-read all the articles I can on the site, and decided to use the method put together by David Fry found here.




Step 1 - I modified HLDRBIOS.ASM to support my Console device (IMSAI SIO)


Step 2 - I modified CHARIO3.ASM to support my Console device


Step 3 - Assembled and built the CPMLDR.COM


Step 4 - Copied it to the CF at Sector 0


Step 5 - Assembled and built the CPM3.SYS and copied it to the CF at sector 112


Step 6 - Moved sector 48 to sector 63 on the CF


I know the install is not complete, but at this point I wanted to see what a ‘Boot’ looked like from David’s MYIDEROM:

At boot I see displayed on the console and MYIDEROM reports this drive information:


Cyl:      3C82               Heads:            010                 Sectors:  0048


Then I choose ‘C’ for Boot CP/M and here is where I see a problem:

Notice the ‘LBA = 003C003C’.   Why is that value so high and incorrect?


Any suggestions to getting is completed?


Thanks in advance,