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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2744] Re: Interest, Discussion and R&D on a 18 Slot S100 Backplane & ATX PSU board.

Thanks Todd!! appreciate your efforts here! youll be getting a larther large shipment by the way its looking so far! :-)

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 5:36 AM, Todd Goodman <t...@bonedaddy.net> wrote:
* Paul Birkel <pbi...@gmail.com> [140310 07:42]:
> Thanks for the update.  Please let us know how the boost-converter design
> is coming along.  In the meantime, I (and many others) will be looking
> forward to the "plain" ATX board :->.
> BTW, for those who haven't already acquired enough S100 connectors, a
> cost-effective supplier (in the US, anyway) is Anchor Electronics.
> Catalog: http://anchor-electronics.com/price-list.pdf
> On Page 17 you'll find that for the 100-pin edgeboard connectors:
>   Solder-tail $3.95
>   Wire-wrap $6.95
> Best prices that I've found *anywhere* (excepting occasionally on eBay for
> WW). Note that shipping is FedEx (no exceptions), so the actual
> cost-delivered will be higher per-item.  Orders only phone-or-fax.
> They are a great source for numerous hard-to-find components.

That's a really good price Paul!

I posted this previously but still have them available:

Hi All,

I've made the following bulk purchases from Mouser and would like to
pass along the savings to anyone who needs these connectors.

I currently have qty 11 DIN 41612 Connectors Type C Receptacle 96
available with 80 more due at the end of April.

Cost is $2.84 ($2.75 connector cost plus shipping to me) each plus
shipping to you.

Mouser's page for this part is at:


I also have qty 100 Standard Card Edge Connectors 100P SOLDER TAIL
6.35mm ROW SPACE (EDAC part #346-100-520-202) with 100 more due the
beginning of April.

Cost is $10.77 ($10.68 connector cost plus shipping to me) each plus
shipping to you.

Mouser's page for this part is at:


Please make sure these parts meet your needs and if interested contact
me at this email address.

I would like to ship these using a priority mail small flat rate box
which is $5.80 in the US.  This will provide $50 insurance and some
protection for the connectors.

Thank you,


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