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RE: [N8VEM-S100:448] S-100 8086 CPU board done, ready for manufacturing

FWIW, I just completed a fairly extensive ROM BIOS for this board. Its ~10K
lines of code but now allows one to boot a standard MSDOS V4.01, unaltered,
(using the ZFDC FDC board and IDE Board) . It works with our Propeller
driven Console IO Board and/or Lomas CGA Video board.   The latter is a
stepping stone to an S-100  VGA video board Andrew and I are doing  (Using
the Cirrus logic CP5420 Chip).  On a properly terminated S-100 bus the 8086
runs at 9MHz -- however be warned, depending on your system your mileage may

A description of the ROM BIOS can be see and downloaded here.  

It should be fairly easy to modify this BIOS for other hardware.

A short write-up of the board can also be seen here:-


John Monahan Ph.D

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Hi!  Good news!  The S-100 8086 CPU board has finally finished!

I am getting ready to make a manufacturing order for the S-100 8086 CPU
board.  There have been three prototype boards already that John has built
and tested so I think this board is in good shape.  John also ported
CP/M-86, monitor, and a BIOS among other software.

Since it has been so long I am asking everyone who has signed up for the
S-100 8086 CPU board to reconfirm their request for the board.
There has to be about 20+ boards or so to make the PCB order feasible.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch