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System Monitor Board version 2.0

Finally got a system monitor board, version 2.0 with TIL311 display board. I placed this project as top priority for building together with components. This is a great diagnostic board to test my vintage boards from late of 1970's for test procedure. Meanwhile, I plan to order FP Mini board soon.

Unfortunately, there was no BOM. I have no problem with components but need more specific information on toggle switches for the TIL311 display board. Here is a listing:

SW1     Not In Use
SW2     SPST     RESET
SW3     SPDT     BP_SW
SW5     SPDT     SS!_SW/SS2_SW
SW6     DPDT     STOP

I cannot remember about switches as I had ALTAIR 8800 and IMSAI 8080 mainframe during 1970's. They were gone years ago as stolen when I moved from South Florida to New Jersey. I always wish that I still have it here (if I still have it and they will be 37 years old). Anyway, hopefully, you can supply me exact type of switches for this project. This will make easier for me to place order at once. In fact, look at photo of TIL311 display board did not give me if SW3, SW5 and SW6 is momentary and what position such as on/on, on/off/on, on/off, etc.

I forward to get help from you before I can order the switch parts.

Thank you,