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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2070] Reforming Capacitors

I’m guessing but probably not.

Are you concerned about the power supply can caps or those on the board.  For the large cans if there are no leaks of oil and the black seal is not cracked I never had a problem firing them up to full voltage.

Was I just lucky?





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I'm finally getting around to firing up the ALTAIR 8800.
The capacitors look small and I think I want to reform them.
I'm presently running 24VAC into the unit through a dim bulb.

The front panel does not easily disconnect from the power supply (no connector, hard wired).
I'm hoping I don't need to trouble shoot the front panel.

But, with 24VAC in, there's 1V on the 5V line.  Does anyone think it might damage TTL?

My guess is that this voltage is way too low to turn on any transistors. 

Your thoughts anyone?

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