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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2777] Re: Group Purchase of "V2-MSDOS Support Board"

I asked for one also but not seeing my name on the list.

Please add one for me please.

On 03/17/14 05:54 PM, curt mayer wrote:
On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 3:41:14 PM UTC-8, nbreeden wrote:
Now that John and Andrew have announced a limited run of the “V2-MSDOS Support Board” board it's time to organize a group purchase for the rest of us. I've volunteered to organize that purchase.
Based on an earlier thread these people had expressed interest in a general group purchase. 2 x Neil Breeden
2 x David Fry
2 x Fabio Battaglia
3 x Jack Rubin
2 x Joe Herdler
1 x Robert Greenstreet
2 x Vince Mulhollon
1 x Rich Cini
1 x Andrew Bringham
If you are still interested please reply and verify the quantity you want. By replying you are committing to purchasing the boards you request. I would expect these to cost the same as what Andrew typically charges however as I understand it that will require us to order around 20 boards total. Once you commit everyone else who has committed will be relying on you to keep that commitment; please keep this in mind. I'm committed to two boards myself. -Neil

I would like two, as well.


Don Caprio