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Re: Disk Images

I now have my S-100 system up and running.
I have put an image disk in the Builders Journals under my name for
anyone who wants a copy.
Below is the Readme.

N8VEM S-100 CMP3 Non-Banked 8" or 3.5" Disk Image: C3NBZFDC.IMD
This disk image may be useful for people without access to a
running CP/M system, wanting to bootstrap their N8VEM-S100 system
for the first time. The minimum system is 64k RAM, Z80 CPU, ZFDC,
and Propeller Console I/O. I recommend using the serial I/O board
with the USB module, as well to make it easy to do transfers after
you have the CP/M system up and running. The IDE board also is a
"must have" especially when used with compact flash cards.(A big
Thank You goes to Andrew Lynch and John Monahan for making all this

It uses Dave Dunfield's image disk program/file format, available
for free download at

The disk image has utilities for the N8VEM-S100 Boards: MYIDE,

There are 4 CPM3.SYS versions on this image:

CPM3Z.SYS  A: & B:  8" or 3.5" SSSD ZFDC (CPM3.SYS is this version
on the disk image so you won't have to modify the image for the
first boot when using the ZFDC). It's a non-banked version.

CPM3ZIDE.SYS  A: IDE, B: & C: 8" or 3.5" SSSD. This is set up to
boot from the first floppy after you have formatted the IDE drive
(or CF) using MYIDE from the floppy only CMP3.sys system. It's a
non-banked version.

CPMIDE.SYS  A: IDE, B: & C: 8" or 3.5" SSSD. This is the normal IDE
CPM3.SYS to be put on the IDE drive after you have formatted it and
then put the loader on it with HSYSGEN. It's a non-banked version.

CPM3B.SYS - IDE, B: & C: 8" or 3.5" SSSD. This is a banked version
of the normal IDE CMP3.SYS. You can use HSYSGENB.COM to put the
banked version of the loader on the IDE drive (after you have
formatted it), then you can copy this CPM3.SYS to the IDE drive.

Use PIP CPM3.SYS=CMP3XXX.SYS[RVO] to copy the CPM3.SYS you want.
You can do this from the live CP/M system or from the Altair
simulator before you make the disk with IMD (use the CPMPLUS pack

To use the Altair simulator, rename my image disk to “cpm80.imd” –
we are replacing the CPM80 image disk with my image disk in the
simulator (or change the simh script file “cpm3nb” to load my image
Start AltairZ80.exe and type "do cpm3nb"
You?ll find the disk at K: and you can modify the image to suit
Stop the simulator with CTRL+E then EXIT. The disk image CPM80.imd
is the modified version as you can see from the time stamp.
Now use IMD to write the image to your boot floppy.

Note: You will need an IBM PC compatible floppy disk controller
that can write to the disk in single density to write the disk
image successfully.

Leon Byles  25 June 2011

On Jun 13, 7:49 am, Elsid <le...@swiftdsl.com.au> wrote:
> I was wondering if someone could make some system disk images of a
> CMP3 system using N8VEM S-100 boards and put them up on the N8VEM web
> site? Imd format using Dave Dunfields ImageDisk program would probably
> be the best way to go. I guess an 8" or 3.25" image would be the most
> useful.
> I know there are lots of ways to configure a system but if we stick to
> John's standard I/O port configuation things should work. Otherwise
> just post your configiuration as well.
> This could be an easy way to bootstap a system if people don't have
> access to a running CP/M system already.
> I've just asked John Monahan if he could do this but he is too busy
> with 8086 boards and CP/M86 at the moment to help out at the moment.
> Leon