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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2816] Re: Multibus

Ran across this at bitsavers:
Looks like there's an archive there with a bunch of iRMX diskette images.
Xenix, too.
- Eric
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Hi Joe -
You could ask Tenasys, but I have my doubts you could buy it at this point at any price.
I've never seen any copies on line for sale or download.
I'm sure I have it (installed) on one of my old systems that have been in storage, but the odds of that system working at this point aren't very good.
- Eric
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Hi again,

Can one still obtain iRMX for a Multibus system?



On Monday, March 17, 2014 11:32:42 AM UTC-5, Joe Herdler wrote:
Hi All,

As most know, I am in the process of building n S-100 machine as well as an Xi-8088 box. These two projects are my main focus, and I will be working on them until both are complete. However, I am also very interested in the Intel Multibus, and already have two processor boards, the Intel 80/05 (an 8085 unit) and an 88/25 (an 8088 unit).

Does anyone know of an active group for the Multibus computer system like this group for S-100 systems? I feel that this group is one of the  best computer groups on the Web, and have searched for something similar to the S-100 for the Multibus, but without success. After I finish the Xi and at least one S-100 system, I want to start a Multibus machine. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any ideas!



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