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S-100 VDP V2 prototype boards arrived!

Hi!  Good news!  The S-100 VDP V2 prototype boards arrived!  They are looking good. 


There are four PCBs total and I would like to send them out to some builders for build and test.


I am guessing Leon, Pontus, John, and maybe Neil should be the initial build and test team. 


Are there any changes or other volunteers?  Please let me know.  Once I hear from them I will send out the boards right away!


If you would like to help out defray the cost of the four prototype boards please send a PayPal to LYN...@YAHOO.COM


The prototype PCBs cost about $40 each so anything the builders would like to contribute towards the project would be greatly appreciated.


Thoughts, ideas, questions all welcome.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch