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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2884] Searching for some boards (6502 v2/8088/M68K/4MB SRAM)

* John Monahan <mon...@vitasoft.org> [140323 13:23]:
> Guys on the 16MG Static RAM Andrew an I have made some very small
> changes/corrections to the circuit. Its currently being rout optimized.
> Because of the recent scare I had with an address line screw-up on my part
> on the last prototype, I am going to do a final production run with just 3
> or 4 boards myself before we run a multi-board run for everybody.  That way
> I can sleep at night.  It's harder that you might think to identify
> overlapping address lines in 16MB.  Even with a 80386 it takes hours.
> Also I have to say that unlike the 4MB board that uses DIPS this board uses
> 8 surface mount chips (and a mezzanine board).  You will need a very pointed
> soldering iron, flux paste and a magnifying glass light. I have soldered 28
> chips in all so far without a problem, but if you don't have a steady hand
> soldering these chips in place will be difficult.  It is all but impossible
> to remove them without special tools.  I seem to remember there are outfits
> that will contract solder.
> If I had 3 hands I would do a video of the soldering process. I will look
> into setting up a rig and doing a demo.
> John

Thanks John.  Better safe than sorry so I certainly don't mind waiting.

The link to the youtube video on your page for these boards showing SMT
soldering technique is good too!