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Another S-100 Z-80 System up and Running :-)


I am happy to report that my s100computers.com based system is now up and running in my Compupro 21-slot chassis.

Currently I am using a Z-80 Master CPU Board, a Serial IO card, a dual IDE, and a Rom/Ram/Flash card.

I had major help from some great people in the community. What goes around comes around.


Douglas Goodall

Douglas Goodall, http://goodall.com

Note: I don't use messenger, or skype, or facebook, chat programs in general. Having always-on open communication links through massive public servers I don't have control over seems like too much of an invitation to be infected by a virus or bot. It is bad enough that my Mac wants to stay in periodic contact with Apple's cloud. Skype was tempting before Microsoft bought them. There have been too many examples of remote session links being abused by vendor employees. Even "back to  my mac" makes me nervous. There was a recent episode where Apple cooperated with a social engineer and compromised someone's entire electronic persona. If you want to speak with me, calling me on the phone works well, and you don't have to wonder if the electronic mail got through or not. When I say "Hello, this is Doug", you know who you are talking to. Just in case you were curious.