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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5295] Re: N8VEM

Hi Tom,  Andrew passed on your e-mail to me since he is otherwise occupied
these days.  

Our group is not a commercial operation, it's just a collection of people
that like collecting, studying, building S100 bus boards and systems.  I'm
guessing, but probably no more than about 100 people currently (worldwide).
A few of us have the capability to design and fabricate new S100 boards.
Generally we do (ourselves) a prototype or two first.  When the board looks
'done'  we put up a notice that a "Group Purchase" of the board is about to
be made.  This involves a volunteer that actually makes the board
fabrication order (usually 10, 20 or even 30 boards). These are sent out to
individuals who wish to use the board.    While these bare boards are
inexpensive (~$12-$16), however  the batch orders do not happen often.  That
is why when a new batch is announce, people will order a board if the even
think in the future they could use it.    

The problem you and some others have is that this has now been going on for
a few years and the "hard core" have long  gotten their system startup
boards.   From time to time newer versions (V2's) of the original S100
boards come out.  We did a few earlier in the year, so some new people had a
chance to join in.  

All this I know does not help you.  All I can suggest is participate in the
Google Groups forum, and either originate of join future board purchases
when they come up. The forum is at:-

Most of the S100 boards and their build processes are described here:


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 Subject: N8VEM
 Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 1:32 PM
 Hi Andrew,
 I think I sent you an email
 maybe a year or more
 ago.  I am still trying to resurrect my old Altair 8800  machine.  I  have
seen various boards on the website:
 I am interested in
 purchasing the following if they
 are available:
 Dual IDE S-100
 S-100 Bus Terminator
 S-100 PIC/RTC
 Please let me know if these
 are available, the
 price, and how to order.
 Thank you in

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