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RomWBW and S-100: PROM Board vs. 4MG RAM Board

Doug, Tom, and Leonard;

Excited to hear about your new effort!


In your deliberations, would you please consider support for the 4MG RAM board (that recent joiners, including myself, have) in addition to the EPROM/RAM/Flash board that I have not (and falls into the unobtanium category at the moment)?



Perhaps the 4MG RAM board can be configured to work comparably so that this dual-support isn't a problem?  Online documentation states "You will notice that the board accommodates both static RAM chips, Flash RAM chips and EPROMS (from 2716's all the way up to 27256's)."

I think that explicit support for the 4MG RAM board would open up your audience a bit (more) and aid some of us newbies :->.

Thank you!