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Re: [N8VEM-S100:316] S-100 community project

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On 11-06-19 01:03 PM, Andrew Lynch wrote:
> Since John is already fully busy with S-100 8086 CPU board and other
> projects, I'd like to attempt a new development approach.  Since Mike
> already has a design including a schematic, PCB layout, parts list, etc, we
> could do a community build and test.  Basically this would be we take the
> existing design, gather up some funds, get some prototype boards, and send
> them out for initial build and test.

Hi All,

I like the community-build concept, it sort of forces those interested
to belly up to the bar right up front.

Andrew, I think the details may need a little clearing up though. For
example, the gathering of the funds. How should that be done? Perhaps,
should those interested parties, pledge a commitment, and after enough
pledges are tallied to make it feasable to proceed, we go ahead and
collect the pledges, or collect on delivery...anyway, something like that?

After the project funding is sorted out, then who handles the logistics,
currently, Andrew, you seem to be handling the bulk of that, would that
continue to be that way in the "community build" model?

If Andrew, you where to handle the logistics, then I would suppose you
probably would not care to be burdened with PCB work and so on, but
simply the collecting of funds, the ordering, and the distribution? If
this is the case, then boards being submitted for "community build"
would need to be provided to you with finished artwork with Gerbers and
Drill files attached, correct?

Sorry for very basic questions, I guess I'm just trying to clarify the
details somewhat so we can all be on the same page with this. I guess
the core of what I'm driving at is that even in the "community build"
model, you still need some sort of centralized point to handle the

I dunno, thoughts, comments?


Mike Sharkey
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