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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2448] Re: MSX2 Utility Board V1 Build info

Woo Hoo!  Thanks Neil!  That is great news!
Please post photos or videos!
I think NASCOM BASIC has nothing to do with MSX2 so this shows the general utility of the board outside the realm of MSX.  The S-100 Utility board plus a bare CPU board and backplane are all that's needed to boot a barebones system.  I think this would be extremely useful for debugging since if you have those three things working you can just add in the boards one at a time to debug.

Andrew Lynch

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I've got a port of NASCOM BASIC running out of the EPROM on the utility board.

With two boards (Z-80 processor and the Utility board) I have a system running BASIC from ROM with 32K of RAM, it's a fun flashback to the late 70s. :)

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