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Re: S100 Backplane

On Wednesday, October 16, 2013 7:16:20 AM UTC-5, Ants Pants wrote:
or one could just populate it with a few connectors for now and then add more as time goes on..

I need to stop posting early in morning before caffeine... that is a good idea.

I could get away with a bootable backplane on a $150 budget which is a bit stiff but tolerable.  Then budget another backplane connector as part of my parallel IO card not the backplane.  That changes it from perceptually a $500 project to a much more tolerable $150 project even if in the very long term I do end up dropping $300 on connectors... if I ever use all 18 slots.

My chassis design will need access to both sides of the MB, somehow, so I can solder more connectors in as needed, or easily removable...

I'm up for it, put me on the preorder list, will paypal when ready.

So how does the 8V come from the ATX supply?  12V line thru eight or so series rectifier drops is how I'd brute force it.  Or 4 bridge rectifiers in series?