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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4468] Re: ALTAIR/IMSAI 8080 CPU replacement board

Hi Guys,

Well, I had an exciting day.  Here's a quick OT recap...
-Slept in a little
-packed the kids and wife for a road trip to US
-got a flat along the way which tore up the tire
-put on the spare while on the shoulder of the highway (scary)
-at the tire shop decided all 4 should get replaced (surprised it only took 45 minutes!)
-hit some traffic (well I didn't actually hit anyone....)
-short line at the boarder... some luck at last!
-made a pick up at my warehouse
-bought some gas $3.81/gallon better than my local price of about $5 a gallon
-got to the post office just in time!  Shipped mostly everyone's boards.... see below
-spent the rest of the day at Niagara Falls, watching the water splash

Status update.....

Malcolm Macleod  LM323K's  (1) CPU board (shipping quote sent)
Leon Byles                    (1) CPU board Paid *Shipped*
Nik Brisevac                  (1) CPU board Paid

Fabio Battaglia               (3) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*

Rich Cini                     (2) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Jeff Galinat                  (2) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Rob Doyle                     (1) CPU board  Paid *Shipped*
Thierry Schembri              (1) CPU board  Paid *Shipped*
Gary Kaufman                  (2) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Steve Shumaker  (sebhc)  (1) CPU board (1) Sea-o-PTH Paid *Shipped*
Neil Breeden                  (2) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Don Caprio                    (2) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Steve Jones                  (1) CPU board  Paid *Shipped*
Edward Snider                 (2) CPU boards (2) Sea-o-PTH Paid *Shipped*
Paul Birkel     LM323K's  (2) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Todd Goodman    LM323K's  (3) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Tom Lafleur    LM323K's  (2) CPU boards Paid *Shipped*
Curt Mayer                    (3) Sea-o-PTH  Paid *Shipped*

Pete Plank                    (1) CPU board
Brian Marstella               (1) CPU board  (1) Sea-o-PTH

Harold Rothwell   (sebhc)       (1) CPU board

Matthew Turner                (2) CPU boards Hold for pickup this summer Paid
Jack Rubin                    (1) CPU board  Hold until VCF-MW
John Monahan    LM323K's (2) CPU boards Hold until returns from Greece

Josh Bensadon